Our Team

Doug Malear / Sr. Pastor, Chief bottle washer & floor sweeper

Doug Malear founded Hope Lighthouse Ministries in 1996 with his wife Sui to minister to the addicted, the homeless, the fatherless and the hopeless of Muskegon and Muskegon Heights, Michigan. It has grown over the years into a community mission serving the practical needs of over 500 families every month. The ministry includes live in discipleship homes for men coming out of prison or off the streets & drugs, a food & clothes pantry, a Missionary Resource Center, on-going children’s outreaches, and church services. We have had the favor of God in leading hundreds of children and adults to Jesus every year.
Before coming to Muskegon in 1991, Pastor Doug lived homeless and hopeless for many years on the streets of the infamous 'Cass Corridor' in Detroit, Michigan, spent three years in Jackson Penitentiary in the mid 70's, and was addicted to heroin during a span of 20 plus years. After having to identify his common law wife, found dead of a heroin overdose in 1986, Doug went into Detroit Teen Challenge where he met Jesus and began the greatest journey of his life, following hard after God. His unique gift is to teach and model “Lifestyle Evangelism.”
Today Pastor Doug speaks at churches, schools and conferences. His story of God's saving grace and a mother's prayers through 20 plus years of drugs, prison and death will inspire you with fresh hope..

Thelma Drake / Teacher, Occasional Board Member, Fundraiser

Thelma Jean Drake and her husband Steve have been with the ministry almost from the beginning.

God uses them both in many areas of the ministry and in helping to make major decisions.

Pastor Sam Bombara / Board Member

Pastor Sam has been an advisor and friend to Pastor Doug long before our ministry was birthed. He has been a full time pastor at West Mich. Teen Challenge for over 25 years and sits on the board at Hope Lighthouse.

Louise Grant / Prayer Leader

Louise Grant, married to Lyn, leads our intercessors prayer group and is a great model of a Godly woman to the younger women.
Sister Louise passed from this life and went home to her Lord in early 2013. She is greatly missed, but we shall see her again one day.

Sui Malear / Board Member, Youth & Children's Minister

Sui (pronounced Sue) is not only Doug's wife but a vital part of the overall ministry. Sui was an art major in college and has been doing computer graphic arts for over 17 years.

She was somewhat of an intellectual before giving her heart to Jesus. She would study a Bible she bought before going out to the bars to socialize. She says she wanted to refute those pesky Christians who would periodically try to use their Bibles to introduce her to Jesus. Well, the more she read, the more she became convinced that Jesus was real. One evening she knelt down in her living room by herself and asked Jesus into her heart.

Since that time she has become a sought after teacher of children and youth, using her art and talents to bring the Bible alive in the hearts of youth.

Sui and Doug met in 1993, got married on April 1st, (April Fool's Day) 1995, and opened Hope Lighthouse together in April of 1996.

Steve Drake / Praise Leader & occasional Board Member

Steve Drake is a drummer, guitar player and our Praise Team Leader.

Steve has served on the board, keeps all of our electronics in order and is a natural leader in the church.
Steve also serves unofficially as the ministry "Funny Man"

Joyce Ellcey / Operations Manager

Joyce Ellcey has been a part of our ministry since 2000. She is our overall Operations Manager and does our accounting. Joyce also works in our thrift store and loves to teach the 4 to 7 year olds about Jesus.

Lyn Grant / Food & Clothes Pantry Leader

Lyn Grant, married to Louise, is our missions coordinator, works in the sound booth and is also a deacon in the church.

When they are not serving the community, Lyn and Louise spend time skiing with their grand-children or visiting family on both, the West Coast and the East Coast.