Missionary Resource Center

Making Jesus the Light of Hope in our Community and around the World

In 2008, after 28 years and thousands of missionary visitors, International Aid in Spring Lake, Michigan closed their in-house, Missionary Resource Center, (MRC). They will continue to be an international Christian disaster relief organization concentrating their efforts on sending medical and other equipment, around the world and in the U.S.

The on-site missionary store then became part of Hope Lighthouse Ministries and is called...... The Hope Lighthouse Missionary Resource Center. We hired some former employees of International Aid to help run the store in the excellent way it has always been run. We opened the store on June 30th, 2008 with a good amount of inventory, and International Aid has been extremely helpful with equipment, counsel, etc.

We also operate a thrift store that is open to the public, adjacent to our MRC. Most of the missionaries who visit our MRC seem to enjoy going through our thrift store as well.
The missionary store has given us a more global posture in which to be a blessing worldwide. We do have to pay for the stock we receive so, like the other areas of our ministry, we count on donations to keep our doors open. We are always on the look-out for wholesale and retail businesses who will donate new items; personal care, cleaning products, over the counter medicines, etc., for these missionaries to take on the mission field for their use as they spread the Gospel.

Store Hours ............ Monday thru Friday.... 9 am to 3 pm

What Missionaries Should Bring

Provide a photo ID.
Name of organization or church you are with and
any documentation
Verification of Organization’s tax exempt status
Federal Tax ID (EIN) or equivalent from country you
are serving

For questions call Joyce at 231-737-HOPE (4673)
or email us at hopelighthouse@comcast.net

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